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    Had an amazing experience with HelpU! I posted the job, and within minutes I had help on the way!! I spent less then I would have with a moving truck and it only took us an hour to get everything done! I will definitely post more jobs as they come up!

    kerri jones Kerri Jones
    It is definitely a wonderful opportunity to get involved with Help U! Either as a member posting a job/project to find help with, or as an individual looking for a bit of extra cash and ways to get involved with the community! I did a job last Saturday and absolutely loved the opportunity of meeting someone new in the community and having the chance to help them out. As a college student, it’s great knowing I can have additional work that is flexible with my schedule since I am also working full-time but need these types of opportunities to make some additional money!
    denise Denise Ferguson

    Recently I posted a gutter clean-out job at my house on Help U. Within a couple days a USF student called, we set a time and day to do the work, and he did a great job! Thanks, Help U!

    Stephen H. Randall Stephen H. Randall

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