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FXVIC lace eye brow wigs, blonde human hair brow wigs ,
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Shopping for a FXVIC lace eye brow wigs, blonde human hair brow wigs , with best price? Read about features, types, and other must-know topics in our FXVIC lace eye brow wigs, blonde human hair brow wigs , buying guide to make an informed choice. Pay for greatest FXVIC lace eye brow wigs, blonde human hair brow wigs , Look for the FXVIC lace eye brow wigs, blonde human hair brow wigs , package that is greatest for you. Make a price comparison, discount promo, or free shipping before ordering.

2018 FXVIC ombre BURG lace frontal eyebrows and human hair 1b/99j false eye brows wig for woman free shippingUSD 49.00/pair
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2018 FXVIC ombre burgundy eye brows Makeup Red Wine Peel Off Eye Brow Tattoo Tint Waterproof Long-lasting Dye EyebrowUSD 49.00/pair
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2018 FXVIC ombre burgundy eyebrows / 99J human hair lace frontal eyebrows Long-lasting Easy to Wear NaturalUSD 49.00/pair
FXVIC 2018 Rushed Sobrancelha Eyebrows Factory /lace Eyebrow Real Easy To Wear Wig Brow ,human hair eye brow wig Free shippingUSD 49.00/pair
2018 FXVIC ombre blue eye brows Makeup peacock blue Eye Brow Tattoo Tint Waterproof Long-lasting Dye blue Eyebrow USD 49.00/pair
2018 NEW arrival FXVIC Ombre Human Hair lace frontal eyebrows 1B/99J / easy to wear lace false burgundy eyebrow USD 49.00/pair



Re-useable eyebrows. These are not transfers or temporary tattoos but real hair eyebrow replacement/enhancement. The brows can be shaped to suit male and female faces. The wearer\'s brows do not need to be shaved to use this product. Cosmetic or medical grade adhesive required (supplied) e.g. lace wig adhesive. Why do these eyebrows cost much more than your false eyelashes? These eyebrows are not machine made like eyelashes. They are made by hand with each strand of hair attached one at a time like lace wigs. It is very time consuming and intricate work. We can supply any colour or eyebrow shape. The product is shipped in discreet packaging which does not bear our logo. We ship this item from London, UK and Michigan, USA.







have you been over zealous removing eyebrow hair by tweezing or waxing and your brows have become thin and or spare?do you have a scar where hair connot grow?
thyroid issues and aging and hormones will also leave us with less than amazing brow
if you would like to be able to achieve the eyebrow extensions!
they are available in 4 colors and last up to 14 days.
Eyebrow Extensions are professionally applied and offer a semi-permanent solution to "missing" brows
The individual brow hair extensions are attached to the natural brow hair and or skin by a trained brow specialist using the Angela Brows specially formulated,
low odor,skin safe adhesive to fill in gaps,thicken,or extend the eyebrow.
"there has been such a demand within the industry for this kind of solution for women who have "barely-there" brows and wish to define their brows with
a more natural-looking remedy, says Angela owner&creator, Shao Qing.
"the beauty of the eyebrow extensions service is that they can be applied to anyone, even women who have lost all their brow
Angela Brows 100% Human hair false eyebrows are of the highest quality and most natural eyebrow wigs on the market.
Our False Brows have been designed to help give confidence back to women and men who have lost their eyebrows

due to illness,medical treatment,alopecia,stress,and hormonal changes.
Angela brows false eyebrows are adhered to the skin with our specially formulated,skin safe adhesive.
Once adhered to the skin, the false brows last up to 7 days at which time they are removed.
They can then be reapplied and,with proper care, can last up to 1-2 months.
Available in five different colours:natural Black, dark brown, Light brown.
Please Note false brows are designed for those who have lost most, if not all of, their natural brow hair. the backing need to be adhereed flush to the skin
for seamless,inisible effect.
they are not for those who still have quite a lot of natural brow hair ,if you still have a quite a lot of natural brow hair,
we highly recommed our brow powders and pencils and brow extensions.


Perfectly shaped eyebrows give you a well-groomed look. They play an important part in accentuating the features of your face, especially the eyes.

kindly reminder
please send any picture you like to us so that we custom make one same eyebrow as the picture
and tell us the size ,color  so that we can make it exactly
custom order lead time :7days

100% human hair invisible lace eyebrow for man and woman all color  in stock

1.100% human hair;

2.Realistic and natural looking appearance;

3.all hand made lace eyebrows;

4.Man style and woman style available;

6.We also can produce it according to your design;

7.we supply top quality eyebrow for alopecia university1

we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave us some feedback when you receive your item/items. we do our very best to provide the best service we possibly can but if for any reason you are unhappy with anything please get in touch before leaving a negative response and we will do our best to your issue resolved.


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